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Products :

Yeast ( Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) Is produced by fermentation of cane molasses. The yeast cream is dehydrated to make yeast cake. The Yeast cake Is formed into blocks by extruding , cutting and wrapping with wax coated paper.

Specifications :
Dry Matter %   28 - 32
Nitrogen %   07 - 7.5
Phosphate %   02. - 2.5%
Dough Raising Capacity % min. 150
Fermenting Power ml. min. 1100
Despersability -   Good
Total Bacterial Counts Nos./gm. max. 1x106
Packing :

The wax coated paper wrapped blocks (500gm.) are put into carton and stored at 4.C . Each carton contains 20 blocks ( 10kgs.).

Uses :

Sunrise Fresh yeast is a quality products and most suitable for bread, Biscuit , Food & Distillery Industries

Speciality :

sunrise Fresh Yeast is manufactured adopting hightech technology under hygienic sterilized and clean environment to comply with high standards , has many advantages as given below.

Proper aeration due to maximum live cell counts resulting maximum Gas production.

Ripening of the dough resulting stretching effect of expanding pocket of carbon Di Oxide gas which is produced during fermentation.

It forms the cellular net work of bread crumb , and also develops aroma & Flavour of Bread.

High Tolerant to osmatic pressure and preservatives.

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