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Products :

Fresh Yeast cake is extruded and dried to reduce moisture employing speciality designed fluid bed dryers. The Instant Dried Yeast Is then packed in multi layerd vaccume alluminium pouches suitable packing It has a good shelf life at room temperature.

Specifications :
Dry Matter % 92 - 94
Nitrrogen % 06 - 7.5
Phosphate (PO) % 1.8 - 2.4
Fermenting Power ML. (Min.) 550
Packing :

500 gms Vacuum pouch each x 20 nos in 10 kg carton

Uses :

Four Season Instant Dried Yeast can be instantly used to achieve high fermentative efficiency and alcohol recovery from cane molasses

Four season instant dried yeast is most recommended for manufacturing of high quality potable alcohol based on cane juice, grains (Malt , Maize , Rice , Wheat , Bajra Etc.) , Casavva , Flowers and Friuts.

Speciality :

Four season instant dried yeast of specific yeast strain well suited for each end user industries is manufactured under hygienic , sterilized and clean enviorment to comply with acceptable fermentative quality and microbiological standards.

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