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Products :

Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae ) is produced by fermentation of cane molasses.The yeast cream is processed and dried using roller dryer/fluid bed dryer/spray dryer

Specifications :
Appearance -   Tan to light brown.
      Free flowing powder and free from live infestation.
Taste/Odour -   Characteristic yeasty
Particle Size -   Coarse to fine powder
Moisture % max. 8.0
Total Ash % max. 8.0
Crude Protein % min. 45.0
Arsenic as As PPM max. 2
Lead as Pb PPM max. 12
Copper as Cu PPM max. 120
Thiamine HCI mg./gm. min. 0.1
Riboflavin mg./gm. min. 0.0.4
Nicotinamde as Nicotinic Acid mg./gm. min. 0.3
Live Bacteria Nos./gm. max. 7500
Mould Nos./gm. max. 100
Viable Cells -   Passes.
Packing :

25 Kg. HDPE Bags lined with Polyethylene/ 25 Kb Fibre Drums.

Uses :

"Sunrise" Inactive dried yeast is a good source of protein , Vitamine B Complex and natural flavours. It is suitable for :

  • Yeast tablets
  • Vaccine manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • infant cereals
  • Fermentation substrates
  • Special Diets


Speciality :

Sunrise Inactive Dried Yeast of specific requirements by the end user Industries is manufactured under hygienic , sterilized and clean enviorment to comply with acceptable microbiological standards.

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