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Product :

"Four Seasons" Instant Yeast (a first instant yeast made in India) very Fine particles granules are produced under 4-6 moisture content. Instant Yeast having high fermenting power, and consistent quality has longer Shelf life of two years at normal room temperature. It develops Appetizing aroma, flavor and consistent taste.

Specifications :
Dry Matter : 94 -95%
Nitrogen : 6 - 7.5%
Phosphate (PO) : 1.8 - 2.4%
Dough Raising Capacity : Min. 120%
Fermenting Power : Min. 550 MI.
Packing :

500 gms special vacuum pouches.
20x500 gms = 10kg carton

Uses :

"Four Seasons" Instant Yeast is suitable for Bread, Biscuit, Food and Baking Industries.

Speciality :

"Four Seasons" Instant Yeast, a specific yeast strain, well suited for each end user industries is manufactured under hygienic, sterilized and Clean environment to comply with acceptable quality and Microbiological standards.

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