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KF oligo saccharides are complex carbohydrates , which yield few monosaccharides on hydrolysis. These saccharides improve health & performance of monogastric animals like poultry and swine.

These are pre-biotic , stimulate the grams – positive micro organism in the intestine tract of animals.

Prevent adhesion of pathogens ( different pathogens) to the cell walls of intestine. Thus pathogen cannot cause disease.

Prevent the attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the gut villi means they checkcolonization of disease causing pathogens.

These saccharides Stimulate the immune system of the animal and thereby further reduce the risk of disease.

They decrease the concentration of solmoinella , E-coil , Clostridium , Campylobacter , Listeria and other gut pathogens.

They Bind Mycotoxin more effectively with Zeolites and silicates.

They complex carbohydrates (Gluco Mannons) Bind ochratoxin T-2 Toxins Zearalenone and Aflatoxins.

Dose :

1-2 Kg. Per MT. of feed or as recommended by veterinarian.

Packing :

25 Kg. HDPE Bags/Fibre Drums.

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