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Features :
  • Gauranteed viable
  • Highly concentrated
  • Research - Proven
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy handling storage
  • Suitable for Pelleted feed
  • Improves Feed Conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Increases Live Stock ( weight , milk , fat & protein), poultry ( Eggs , Hatchability and weight ), studs ( breeding & stamina)
  • Acquaculture ( weight , colour , health), pets ( hair & coat ).
KF - Yeast is productivity enhancer and probiotic feed supplement :
  • Natural high concentration of Live yeast minimum 10-10 cells/gm saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on sugarcane molasses
  • Stabilizes gas ammonia , Methane and PH in Ruminant
  • Enhances VFA - acetate and propionate and utilization of lactate in Ruminant
  • Improves enzymes secretion in the digestive track
  • Increase rate of digestion and up take of fibre , protein fats and minerals
  • Bio - Booster of various Vitamins
  • Decreases harmful and pathogenic Bacteria
  • Increases Symbiotic microflora population
Packing :

500 gms special vacuum pouches
20 x 500 gm = 10 kg carton
25 kg fibre drum

Uses :

KF- Yeast is most suitable probiotic feed supplement for ruminanat and monogastrotric animals

Poultry , Livestock ( cow , buffalo , goat , pig and sheep), horse , dog and cat , aqua culture ( fish , shrimp and pawn)

Speciality :

Sunrise Inactive Dried Yeast of specific requirements by the end user Industries is manufactured under hygienic , sterilized and clean enviorment to comply with acceptable microbiological standards.

Feeding level

2000 gms or more/ton of feed , as recommended by Veterinarian

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