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Products :

Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) is produced by fermentation of cane molasses . The yeast cream/cake is autolyzed and clear extract is concentrated employing multiple effect falling film evaporators. The concentrated yeast extract is dried employing spray dryer to obtain yeast extract powder.

Specifications :
Moisture % 8.0
Total Nitrogen % 10.0
Amino Nitrogen % 4.5
Sodium Chloride % 3.0
pH   5 -5.5
Total Bacterial Count Nos./gm. 15000
Mould Nos./gm. 100
Coliform Nos./gm. Absent
Salmonella Nos./20 gm. Absent
*Typical analysis. Specifications may vary as per requirements.
Packing :

25 Kg fibre drums

Uses :

"FOUR SEASON" yeast extract powder is suitable for food and food stuff , dietry foods , beverages , soups , vegetarian foods , seasonings , low calorie foods , Nutritional filler , Microbial growth media , Fermentation substrate Biotech , Biochem Reasearch etc.

Speciality :

"FOUR SEASON" yeast extract powder for specific requirements by the end users is manufactured adopting latest technology under hygienic , sterilized and clean enviorment to comply with acceptable standards.

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